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Sinna Health

Wellness Saline Spray, 2 pack

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Did you know you can wash your nose like you wash your hands to stay healthy? Our Wellness Saline Spray both cleanses and protects your body’s nasal biome to restore the balance that supports your immune system.

Feel at ease — our Wellness Saline Spray is all-natural and preservative-free. Includes 2 sterile bottles designed to last and protect for an entire month.

Wellness Saline Spray was designed to deliver the perfect dose for everyday use. One spritz clears congestion, opens your airways, and preserves your delicate nasal biome without flooding your nose. 

Wellness Saline Spray combines saltwater with sodium-bicarbonate, making the PH higher and more alkaline for greater comfort. Our formula matches the salinity of your body so you can clean without harm.

Euka Saline Spray is the only all-natural, preservative-free, sterile saline mist. Our bottle goes through a 2-week natural sterilization process, creating a sterile product with zero preservatives or harsh chemicals.